How can QNX ignore a on-board Network Card???

I have Installed a QNX 4.25 on a HP PC with on-board Network Card.
Also, I installed a 3COM 905 Network Card. When I write :
nettrap , QNX find the following cards :

 Net.tr164a -pA20 -l1 &
 Net.tr164a -pA24 -l2 &
 Net.ether905 -p0 -l3 &
 netmap -f

where the first and second drivers are from the Token Ring Card on-board (I don´t know why are 2).
I start the 3C 905 driver but I didn´t start the Net.tr164a drivers
Anyway, In the begining the Net works, until you want to see a file or folder in the other node. Then both Pcs stucked.
I think QNX try to connect the token ring card and then this is waiting for some answer…
How can I do??? Can I ignore definitly the token ring card?? or I need to install something in order QNX get answer from that Card??

Any suggest???
Thanks a lot!!

Do you need the token ring cards? If not, don’t start the drivers for it. Is there any info in netinfo from either end? Are all the pc’s on the same network? You are starting the 3com card on lan 3. Are all the machines on that ethernet configured as lan 3 as well?


I don´t want token rings card, but this is onboard in the motherboard.
I didn´t start the driver for it and netinfo there isn´t any info about ending.
3com card is on lan3 and the other machine too.

Edit your sysinit.x and remove the call to nettrap and replace it with the call to Net.ether905. By default (I believe) Net only supports 2 network drivers. When you are finished, you should only have 1 Net.* driver running and netinfo -l should only show one slot used. If this is true, does the problem still occur?


I had done that, but anyway didn’t work.
I was thinking if there is a physical Network Card problem…

What do you think??

Of course that is possible - or a cabling problem, or …

What does netinfo -l say?