launch soft problems

i use qnx 6.2 from a litle time, and i can’t use some softs like gimp, phmame, dia, gnuchess, and many others.
when i try to lunch these softs it feel like to start but nothing come.
and some of softs installed doesn’t appear in the lunch menu.
maybe it is a lib lack problem or any else.
excuse me but i’m a newbie in qnx and linux use.

please do not regard my inglish because i’m french.
thanks for a lot the answers to come.

read the “FAQ & Docs” from the left bar. … file=index

I apllied your concils on the faq rubrik :

2 - How do I run X applications in Photon in QNX6?

In earlier releases of QNX6, Xphoton is started automatically for you to run X Window applications. However, in the latest release of QNX 6.2, things have changed. Xphoton is no longer part of the core OS installation. You will have to install the XFree86 with XPhoton from the 3rd party CD, and then modify the /usr/bin/ph script to replace all reference to /usr/X11R6 with /opt/X11R6 and Xphoton with XPhoton. Restart photon and you are all set.

Now you can run your X applications.

it’s ok for the gimp or dia but :frowning: it still nothing for the game like phmame, gnu chess or sness9.
if you have some ideas.
one lats things i have downloaded the, but it is in .gz and both tar and gzip do not uncompress the file how can i install this lib.
thanks a lot for the answers to come.

phmame is a photon application so it must be something else. What’s the error message if you run it from the command line? One thing I don’t like the “launcher” is the errors go to the bit bucket :slight_smile:

as for, you can just “gunzip” the .gz file and then copy it in /lib

I just noticed phmame is actually TheAlien’s baby, maybe he could help you figure out.

phmame and snes9x both need to be run via the terminal with the proper paramaters. both also require additional files which your going to need to search hard for (Hint: Try Google).