threads and switch lantency

Hi everybody,

it is the first time I post here, and I have a few questions about QNX 6.2.1NC …

1 - I try an example with a few threads with a sleep duration of 1s, 2s and 5s. But if i measure the whole time duration I find 5s instead of (1+2+5).
Why ???

2 - I cannot find the time of the switch context latency between 2 threads. Does anybody know ???

3 - Is there a tool (like Linux Trace Toolkit) to report graphically all the processes and threads ??? (I already find psin)

Thanks for all, and have a good day.


Threads run in parallel, so the duration will be the longest running thread (5s).

The time depends on the CPU family and speed. There are some details in a white paper you can request from the website.

If you have PE, you can get a very nice tracing of all system activity using the intrumented kernel in the IDE. It’s call the System Profiler and there are docs included with the toolset.