pulse priority in handler func

Hi all!
I have a resmgr that handles notification requests. The client attaches a f() to a pulse using pulse_attach(). Then a struct sigevent is filled using the macro SIGEV_PULSE_INIT() and passed to ionotify() towards the resmgr. Now, is there a way to retrieve the priority parameter passed to SIGEV_PULSE_INIT() in the pulse handler function on the client side?

maybe it can be in ctp->info.priority

unfortunately not…
Every member in ctp->info is set to 0 when entering the handler func.

Since it is the client init/send the event in first place, couldn’t the client remember the priority itself? There is also the question what you want to do with this information.

Pulse do not carry recvinfo, so the only EXPENSIVE way to figure that out, would to use SchedGet() to get current thread’s priority (that is, assume your client use the default, priority floating channel).

It certainly could, and it will! Getting the priority in the handler func was my preference, but B plan will work just fine.
Thank you!