Lines/Bevels around PtButtons

I’m trying to make my PtButton entirely invisible, bar the image in it, I’ve done:

PtSetResource(picture_icon, Pt_ARG_BEVEL_WIDTH, 0, 1);
PtSetResource(picture_icon, Pt_ARG_OUTLINE_COLOR, Pg_TRANSPARENT, 0 );
PtSetResource(picture_icon, Pt_ARG_INLINE_COLOR, Pg_TRANSPARENT, 0 );
PtSetResource(picture_icon, Pt_ARG_BEVEL_COLOR, Pg_TRANSPARENT, 0 );

It goes transparent, and the bevel is gone, but there remains a thin line around the button, what am I missing?




I belive you miss the ‘Etch border’.
I’m not sure exactly what you want to achive, but I doubt this will work well, “Pg_TRANSPARENT” has it’s own will at times… or just works in an unexpected way.

Try instead to disable the relevant flags in Pt_ARG_BASIC_FLAGS.


Thanks Johan, works a treat.