Usage for ED utility

This paper is for showing my respect to SPEAKER, Liug, Xtang, Power DU, you help me so much, and every one who give help to me and who want to help me in future.

Command usage for ED:

1 ED is used for editing file with text format in QNX environment, the command line is:
$ ed textfilename
e.g ed readme.1st

2 function keys:
2.1 F1 ---- move cursor up
2.2 F2 ---- move cursor down
2.3 F3 ---- delete line
2.4 F5 ---- insert line
2.5 F4 ---- split line and move to another line
2.6 F6 ---- merge line
2.7 F7 ---- mark the line AND unmark the line
2.8 F8 ---- help
2.9 F9 ---- move cursor to text field
2.10 F10 ---- move cursor to command field
2.11 ctr+Z -----QIUT
2.12 w ---- in command field, press “w” to write to file

but I donn’t know how to “save as” , that is to say, save the file with a diffirent name.

wanggtz @ Beijing