偶装了qnx621nc for x86!

[ 刚接触qnx,多谢了! ]

use the new vesa driver:

hah!! I can set my refresh rate up to 85Hz using the new vesa…Thanks a lot!!!


Here is a quote from

After you download it, place the file in your “/lib/dll” directory. Be sure it is marked executable.

The settable refresh rate is a big relief for those sitting in front of a 60 Hz CRT display all day long. This still needs improving as the prefs don’t know about it so you have to manually edit the command in “Advanced” and add, for example, -R85 for a 85 Hz display.

There is a restriction on the use of the refresh rate option, your graphics card must support VBE 3.0 or greater. I have only seen Nvidia cards with the newer VBE version so it is possible this feature, for the time being, is limited the Nvidia cards.