Strange problem with neomagic

I have Sony Vaio Laptop with a neomagic video chipset. After I installed QNX within Win2000 quite everything worked fine. I could select the neomagic driver and work with 800x600.
But after installing it in Win98 (to have the possibility to boot without floppy) it only works with VGA-Mode. If I select the neomagic driver the system crashes.
QNX is the only system working really fast on my Laptop, so I don´t want any other.

If you don’t want any other OS on your Vaio, you could install QNX from CD and wipe out Windows completely, might be simpler, and you’d get more disk space.

That was the first thing I tried to do, but QNX cannot handle my Pcmcia CD-Rom drive. With a special boot parameter it´s no problem to use it linux, but I had no chance in QNX.

If it runs with VGA, then it might work with the VESA driver, if so, then you can download the improved VESA driver by Evan Hillas, which is much faster than the standard one. You might be able to encourage it to do your Vaio’s native resolution (‘Advanced…’ button), which I’m guessing is 1024x480 or something odd like that.

maddin182, which VAIO do you use ?
I myself own a VAIO with QNXv425 running on a separate partition, and QNXv621 running on another separate partition as well as within WIN98, all of them at 1024x768. I will check for the driver I selected tonight, but posting the type of your VAIO wouldn’t do any harm.
BTW, I had a problem with QNX not willing to boot from the harddisk but from cd only (primary/secondary master/slave issue, lots of threads dealing with that), so I took the hd to a different machine, installed QNX and took it back to my laptop. Worked fine, but without guarantee from my side.
From then on, cd is not so important any more, as you are on tcp/ip for your needs.
Regards HELGE

It´s a PCG-505E, Pentium I 300MHz and 64MB Ram. Its native solution is 800x600 so that´s not the problem. The neomagic driver even worked pretty well after installing QNX in Win2000. I first had the problem after installing it within Win98 or Win95.
But it doesn´t really matter from which OS it´s installed, does it?

BTW, are there any possibilities to do a ftp installation, e.g. serving the CD in another PC, booting from floppy?

I just tried this → installation method. And everything works fine. No more problems using the neomagic driver.
Nevertheless thank you very much for your help!
Now I have to set up my Orinoco Wireless PC-Card. The 3com ethernet card works without any further configuration. But I´ll find a way…