I can not do a pipe


I am using Qnx 6.2. I have it installed since April.Now, this messages appears when I reboot it:

Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices
etc/system/sysinit[53]:pipe:not found
Unable to start pipe manager…
sh:j-init:tcgetpgrp() failed: Inappropiate I/O control operation
sh:warning:won´t have full job control

When I get the propmt, if I input “ls |more” the message “sh:cant´t create pipe-try again” appears. If I input “ph” the message “/usr/bin/ph[47]:can´t create pipe-try again” appears. if I input “mount -t dos /dev/fd0 /floopy” the messages “mount:can´t mount /floopy (type dos)” and “mount: possible reasons:Invalid argument” appears.

How can I solve this problem?


etc/system/sysinit[53]:pipe:not found - means that the script didnt found pipe executable which should be in /sbin/pipe

There is no /sbin/pipe (somehow got deleted) or PATH environment variable doesnt contain path to it (sysinit sets the PATH at the start of the script)

You have to use another sysinit from elsewhere. Boot from the CD or from another HD/partition and check if the pipe executable is in /sbin and if the sysinit have the PATH variable set correctly