booting an image file

I have built my image file.
It works, but I want to boot fast.
At the start, the boot loader ask me:

Press F1-F4 to select drive or select partition and wait about 5 seconds
for response.

But I only have a Compact Flash with one QNX partition.
Is it possible to eliminate this question?

Thank you

When you format the disk, don’t write a boot loader. You may have to wipe the first part of the disk/media if you already have the boot loader installed.

Basically wipe the first part of the disk:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdx count=10

Run fdisk, create the partition, but don’t write the boot loader:
fdisk /dev/hdx

dinit, install, etc…

The bios should try to load the active parition by default. It has been a while since I did this and you may have to write something as a boot loader. I don’t recall exactly, so use the above steps with caution.

The answer is yes, you can eliminate the question, but the details are a little murky… :slight_smile: