login on serial port in embedded system

I have an embedded system with QNX 6.1 x86, without photon and I
would like to have a login and an access to my embedded system from a serial port with a program such as Hyperterminal (from another computer with Windows).

The best way I found is (in my buildfile):

[+script] .script={
devc-pty &
devc-ser8250 -b9600 &

reopen /dev/ser1
[+session] login &

But in hyperterminal I see login: and I can not write to give my login
and my password.

But if I launch [+session] sh & (with no login) I can access to the
embedded system from serial port. Any idea?

I have tried tinit, but I think needs Photon.
Login works also ok in /dev/con1.

Thank you in advance

Call devc-ser8250 like this…

devc-ser8250 -b9600 -e -f

And you will be okay. I suspect that sh is setting up the device it starts on into edit mode on it’s own while login is not.