weird postgreSql problem

Hi there, I just installed pgsql on qnx6.2.1NC and when I try initdb (or any other postgre command) I get the following error:

" The program
used by initdb does not belong to PostgreSQL version 7.2.1, or
there may be a configuration problem.
This was the error message issued by that program:
unknown symbol: wcwidth
Could not resolve all symbols "

Maybe I missed something…is there anything I have to do after installing (from the 3rd party cd) before initdb?

Thanks for your patience

If I remember correctly, postgresql needs libreadline. Have you installed it from the 3rd party CD/repository ? what does “ls /usr/lib/libreadline*” say ?

I have the same problem, I have installed package libreadline and the library files:
are in /opt/lib directory (and not in /usr/lib)
I must install another package?