How do i set up TCP/IP for QNX V 4.25???

mainly i think it has something to do with starting my socket processes or something like that.

The install process will take you through the setup if you are installing off the CD.

Basically you need to run:
Net &
Net.somedriver &
Socket hostname & (or perhaps Socklet hostname)
dhcp.client ( or ifconfig en1 some_ip_address; route add default )


Or if you are using Tcpip instead of Socket.

Reading the manual will also give you a good head start.

Where would dhcp.client be located on my comptuer?

if you wish to search for a specific file, type from the terminal :
“find / -name [filename] -print” and hit ENTER
takes a few seconds, then gives you the location(s) of the file

  • i am within qnxV6 momentarily and to lazy to switch over to V4.25, sorry -
    good luck, HELGE