PCI and ISA IO addresses


I have two little questions about I/O addresses:

  1. I have installed a Quatech serial adapter with two ports.
    When I “pci -v” the device I get for this device:
    PCI IO Address = e800h length 128 enabled
    PCI IO Address = ec00h length 16 enabled

I tried to set devc-ser for the first address and it started taking all the system ressources (and didn’t work).
It worked with the second address range with setting my ports on ec00 and ec08. So what is the first address then ?

  1. How to get IO addresses for an ISA adapter ? Is there a command giving the same kind of results than “pci” for ISA boards ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

For ISA adapter there is no command equivalent to pci. You have to look at the jumpers ;-)

Hmmm ok… That sucks :wink:

So nobody knows about my first question ?

Ask Quatech. There is no standards (defacto or dejure) which deal with this.