Read and recognise optical drive

Hello everyone,
Just begin with QNX .
I have been able to get from a friend a QNX 4 PC with 2 optical drive ( and lot of optical CD for free !! ) .
I have download QNX 6 and install it with no problem but it does not see the the drive ! They are connect on a SCSI board , one is a MAXOPTIX T4-2600 and the other is a FUJISTSU M2513EL.
For some reason, QNX 6 does not see them . Can someone help ??

Many thanks in advance


First make sure the SCSI driver is running ( you didn’t say what your SCSI controler is). My guess is it’s not.

When it is running, look under /dev/ to see if the unit are present. I beleive they should be named hd?. If they are present, maybe you just need to mount them.

The board is an adaptec 2940 . The board is seen but not the 2 optical drive in the Dev.
I’m currently downloading the latest version and will use it. will come back with more details
Thanks in advance for the help ;)

So , back after install QNX NC 6.2.1 ISO IMAGE.
I checked if the SCSI driver is install, it seems OK since it says in the information system "devb-AHA8 " which should be my driver.
For the Dev rep , I have a “Hd0” and “HD0T79” file
in the FS , I have only the CD0
Hope you can help

Looks like it’s not supported. Maybe it’s under a different name /dev/* .

back again . The different files I have :

Interesting to see version 4 could see the drive but not the 6 ? But in 4 , I can’t have network so …
Hope you can help.

Doesn’t look good. You could try to manually start the SCSI drive with various option, but me guess is it’s not supported.

Latest news so :
Tryied to see if windows xp see the drive : ( AHAHAAHAHA bad guy I’m I know !!! XP forget it !!! )
So yes it does see but can’t read the floppy which is in a qnx4 format.
I’ve install knopix linux on the machine and again the optical drive could be seen but not read as it is again a QNX File format.
So why QNX 6.1 full version can’t see my drive ???
If someone got the clue, would really appreciate the help

I beleive it’s because SCSI driver doesn’t detect/support/enumerate the disk.

Somebody made a linux driver that can read QNX filesystem I beleive. There was also a driver for XP but I think it’s been pulled out because of problem.

Does someone know where I could get these 2 drivers ???
Thanks in advance


For Linux:

Thanks, just downloaded it but don’t know what to do with files since they are not compile and don’t know how to do it ???
Beginner so …
Can you help ?