LAN Connection on QNX?

Okay, I sound really stupid asking this, and I am sure it is very easy to do…But how do you set up you LAN Network connection on QNX?

You see, I am using QNX on Virtual PC at the moment on my home computer, so I basicly have to share the connection with my mac. Unfortunately…I couldn’t figure out how to set the LAN connection up in QNX.

I know I sound stupid…So could some just explain this to me?

I just need to know what to do on QNX…VPC is all set up…I have a LAN on Windows with it…So…



you have to launch Network configurations, if you use a DHCP server, set “Get IP from DHCP” at you network adapter, if no, set an IP, you want! If you make this seeting, there usually won’t be any more problems