Limit on the number of blocked threads

Hi all,

I am implementing a networking application using UDP. It spawns many threads and each thread opens one socket and then calls the function “recvfrom()â€

Which version of QNX ?

Both Socket/Tcpip in QNX4 and in QNX6 have a “thread” option to define
how many “threads” the stack would able to handle. You need to increase it if you
want more.

Thank you for reply. My version is 6.2.0.

I ported my program into another machine, that has much larger memory, and then it works well.

I observed the number of “mapped pages in use” is much higher than in the previous machine, like 108/132. It looks like memory limitation.

Could I know if there is some way to increase that number without switching machines? Otherwise, it depends on hardware and I cannot change it?

“mapped pages in use” is the memory usage. It more sounds like you are hitting a memory limitation.