BSP question

I had one SH7750 Solution Engine evaluation board MS7750SE01. However, QNX
6.2 BSP (ipl-sengine.srec and ipl-ifs-sengine.srec) can not boot from the
Flash of MS7750SE01. Only QNX OS (ifs-sengine.srec) can boot from the RAM of
Besides, the MS7750SE01 uses SMC9000 Ethernet chip. However, QNX BSP states
supported Ethernet chip DP83902A is different. Therefore, I would like to
know wheather QNX IPL can boot on MS7750SE01


I assume you are using boot loader comes with the board to
program the IPL to the flash, is that correct?
IPL is board dependent, sure QNX can boot your board, but only
if your board is exactly the same as the BSP supported board,
otherwise you have to modify the IPL.
For the ethernet, SMC9000 driver is, pretty standard
driver, but you have to figure out the base address and IRQ. And
maybe you have to configure the IRQ pin in the startup code to support
ethernet interrupt.