good times!

I just ran qnx 6.3 fromt the cd and i got to say WOWIE WOW WOW WOW! I love it…its so fast and sleek and wonderfully powerfull and simple at the same time! the onthing i couldn’t do was connect to the internet with my eithernet card (only seemed to have the dial up option…i should also mention i am behind a router…would like help with this) but wow i am hookt…thank you QSS for making such a wonderfull product…now if the operating system was offered on the pegasos computer just like it is on x86 machines i would be set. keep up the good work QSS! :smiley:

Whew, I thought JJ had been named QNX spokesperson.

What model of card are you running, my guess is it wasn’t detected automaticaly. Post the outpout of ls /dev/io-net and pci -v. Most router feature a dhpc server, that means your QNX box should have been given an IP address and a gateway giving you access to internet automagicaly.

i was running from the cd should that make a diference? i am not really a power user and not sure how to do the output thing…

ok i need help every time i try to install qnx to an empy hard drive i have in my comp it always ends up sayding instalation aborted…can someone walk me through the instalation?

You should be able to boot from the CD (check your BIOS) and just answer the questions it asks you and be able to install quite easily. What does it say before aborting? Have you any unusual hardware in your PC?

no unsusual hardware…i will try it again and check what it says and answer back…i have ot go to work now but i will be back later…thanks fior the help