QNX booting problem on AMD


i installed QNX neutrino on windows me,xp. it prepared a boot floppy for booting. but while booting it says -scanning devices failed and just hangs there. my system is AMD athon 2400+ on ASUS motherboard.
is there any hardware compatibility problem ??


Normally, one just boots straight off the cdrom. Also, the floppy needs the cd to boot.

What version of qnx?

Performing a checksum on the freshly written cd is wise, that is why they are provided on the website. Here is the newly released 6.3.0 checksums for an example:

Filename: 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso
Check Sum: 82346462 549060608
MD5 Sum: 462303b2f69e3e20b7dee3bbc9d7dc66