Music CD's in QNX 6.3

how do i get QNX to play music cd’s? or even better how do i (graphicly) even see teh cd drives and see whats on the disks? can someone walk me through it step by step? (oh got QNX 6.3 to install turns out the hard drive i was trying to use was bad)

There is a CD player on the shelf as standard, pop in your CD and press play. If that does not work, could be your sound card is not supported. You can view the contents of a CD using the file manager and going to /fs/cd0 but I don’t think you’ll get meaningful info out of it.

will it display whats on the cd graphicly like if i went and licked on the cd icon on KDE in linux and it shows the files on the cd…will qnx do that and i there a drive lable like KDE?..sorry totaly new to qnx…or i guess a way to beter describe it is if i go into my computer in windows it shws the c drive and the other drives and i can doulbe click on them to see whats in them…and i can double click on the cd drives to see the files opn the disk…can i do that in QNX?

No, not for audio CDs.

what about data cd’s

Sort of, open pfm (file manager) pop in a data cd, then click your way to /fs . Depending on where your drive resides it’ll be under /fs/cd0 or /fs/cd1. Click on whichever shows to display the contents of the cd. And any connected dos/fat partitions/drives will show up under /fs/hdx-dos.

Another route is to use MC (midnight commander) which is a terminal based file manager.

You wont get nifty icons or thumbnails like linux/bsd/win32, but either pfm or mc will display the disks contents.

Cheers :smiley:

P.S. Phumb Browser is a very nice thumbnail/image viewer if you’re after viewing thumbnailed images like windoze explorer or konqueror.