What am I doing wrong here?!!?

I had no luck using Partition Magic to put QNX 4.25 & Windows XP Pro on the same hard drive, it just told me there wasn’t enough space to mount QNX whenever I tried to boot it. If I installed it on a 2GB partition, it showed that the entire 2GBs was being used, which I didn’t understand. Anyway, I decided I would just buy an additional 2GB EIDE hard drive and install it on there. Well, I can’t get that to work either. I have a brand new Dell Dimension 4600 with an 80 GB drive, to which I added the additional 2GB drive. I just stuck the 2GB drive on the same cable as the 80GB drive, on the connector that reads “Hard Drive 2â€

QNX 4.25 doesnt support booting from slave HD (nor secondary I beleive). (Its possible but it`s complex)

The PM think should have work. First you have to make sure its at the beginning of the HD and that PM didnt assign that partition a specific type. The QNX 4 installation should allow you to empty that partition , in case PM gave it a type.

So, using Partition Magic 8.02, how should I proceed exactly installing QNX 4.25 and XP Pro on my 80GB drive? How should I have the partitions set up exactly, and in what order do I need to partition/install? Thanks guys!

Or can I not set it as Primary hard drive and boot?

So, if I do put it on one hard drive, I’d like to have XP Pro on a partition, QNX on a partition, and then a 3rd partition to share files between them. But can you tell me which order I need to do all this in, as far as when to partition, and in what order to install the OSes. Also, how should the partitions be set up in Partition Magic as far as which are to be Primary/Logical/Active, etc.

Guys, if anyone can take a few minutes to get me going in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. I’ve been tryin’ forever to get this to work.

Patience my friend, not everybody comes here to check post more then once a day… Plus people get bored answering these questions because they get asked quite often and people don’t take the time to look around, read some documentation, get some basic knowledge, you know.

  • Install XP
  • Make room with PM at beginning of HD (leave Primary/logical/active stuff alone). Just move the partition don’t do anything else.
  • Install QNX

That should do it.

You mention the need to share files between XP and QNX. If XP is installed with NTFS you indeed need a third partition. Follow the same step but when installing QNX there is an option to specify the size of the partition set it to smaller then what is available. The free space will be use later to create a FAT partition. But i’ll get to that later. First things first!

Good luck.

Ok, will making space at the beginning of the drive (using PM) after installing XP be fairly intuitive?

Depends on your level of intuition ;-)

I forgot to tell you that to move the partition you will need to resize it first ;-)

Why would I need to resize it to move it? Just curious.

Ok, here’s what I did, step by step:

  1. Removed 2nd hard drive
  2. Booted to Windows XP Pro CD and reformatted the hard drive and installed XP
  3. Installed PartitionMagic 8.02
  4. Resized the 80GB drive from 76432 MB (or thereabouts) to 70123 MB (or thereabouts)
  5. Rebooted
  6. I then moved the partition by dragging the entire partition all the way to the right on the PartitionMagic screen, leaving about 6000 MB of unallocated space at the beginning (first on the list of partitions)
  7. Rebooted
  8. I then stuck the QNX 4.25 boot disk in the drive and rebooted
  9. Once the boot disk loaded, I typed “install” at the prompt
  10. It detected the keyboard, the fsys.eide controller, and then asked me how much of the 6000 MB space I wanted to use.
  11. I selected 1/3 or approx. 2000 MB and hit enter

I then get the following error:

Step 2a - Execute: mount -p /dev/hd0
mount -p: cannot mount partition 7(07h) on /dev/hd0:
error No space left on device
disk /dev/hd0 has 16514064 sectors
partition (12305853…156248190) does not fit within disk

I then hit enter and I get:

installation failed: unable to locate any partitions!
install is aborted.


Everything you did was ok, the partitionning seems to have gone smoothly. What version of QNX 4.25 are you installing from. I suspect you are using an older version that doesn`t support large hard disk.

How do I determine which version of 4.25 it is? People have reported installing w/WinXP before, so surely it’s not a hard drive size issue is it?

Man, I’ll Paypal someone $25 if they give me a step-by-step that works. This is so frustrating.

I gave you a step by step procedure please send me the 25$.

Are you installing from floppy or CD rom. What written on them, be verbose.

If you think it’s not a size issue, then you are on your own :wink:

Thinking about it, why don’t you save your 25$ and invest it on vmware or VirtualPC, that way you won’t have to deal with this shit. You will even be able to copy file from one OS to the other without rebooting!

I said a step-by-step THAT WORKS ;-) “QNX Runtime Version 4.25â€

I am running both 6.3 and 4.25 in vmware as I type this. ;-)

But then again, I never had problems installing XP and 4.25 together either. ;-)

I wish I knew how you did it! And are there any special procedures for installing in vmware?

For 4.25? Not really… Once it is installed, grab the video driver from the article here on openqnx.com and follow the instructions.

Well, I’m experimenting with VMware 4, and I got QNX installed, but I can’t get to my CD drive to install Photon, which I have on CD. How the hell do I get to my cd drive?

Where can I find this driver/article?