Motherboard compatability

I am looking for a list of compatible motherboards with QNX for the P4 with hyperthreading. I see the list of compatible hardware, but matching that list to the real world is proving to be VERY time consuming. For example, I was looking on the AOPEN website at their AX4SPE Max motherboard with the INTEL 865PE chipset with the ICH5R RAID chipset. Neither are listed on the compatability list. Going from motherboard to motherboard, then over to the QNX compatability list is time consuming and not amounting to the results I’m after, namely which motherboards I can purchase and expect QNX to install on the first try.

Secondly, I have a dual ATHLON MP 2800 box right now using the TYAN S2466 motherboard. QNX 6.1 installed and ran on it without a hitch, but 6.2.1 and 6.3 both fail on the first page of the installation. Naturally I’d LOVE to get this box running 6.3, but I’m clueless on what to do next. Maybe the chipset is incompatable, but I really can’t tell for certain, and I really can’t draw the conclusion that it’s completely incompatible because QNX 6.1 installed just fine.



There is no such think (list), and don`t hold your breath for one…

QSS is not in the business of building an OS for generic desktop use. You are on your own. Note that QNX doesn`t support the concept of chipset. It assume BIOS will do most of the initialisation and then it becomes a per devices concept.

Forget about RAID.

If 6.1 ran on a box I would expect 6.3 to install on it as well. What error are you seeing.

I ended up giving up on that box. But it was crashing as soon as it displayed the “press D to disable DMA” part of the boot process. I tried different things, none ever got 6.3 to boot.