I try to make a driver for an USB microcontroller. I send a data to the chip and it receive it. Logicly, the microcontroller send a ack to the computer to say that it has received the data.
My problem is that I don t find the fonction, which receive this ack. In fact, I don t know when the data has been received by the chip.
I give you a part of my code. If this function exist, I think that she would be after “usbd_io”.
thanks for your help.


if ( usbd_setup_interrupt(urb_out,URB_DIR_OUT,adresse_donnee_envoyee,taille_donnee_envoyee) == EOK)
	donnee_envoyee = adresse_donnee_envoyee;
	*donnee_envoyee = 3;
	if ( usbd_io(urb_out,pipe_out,func,donnee_envoyee,USBD_TIME_INFINITY)== EOK)
		printf("donnee transmise \n");