/etc/net.cfg and /etc/networks, and voluntary RTFM'ing

I will have two different NICs in the box. One will
be a typical connection to the network, and the other
will be strictly multicast/udp.

I have looked at /etc/net.cfg and it looks like
I can do most of the system configuration in there. But I don’t see any documentation on this file, nor how it relates to /etc/networks (if at all). My question: Is there documentation on these files, and where is it located so I can RTFM?

The /etc/net.cfg is usually generated/maintained by phlip photon application (Launch → Configure → Network)

I’m sorry, but I can’t do it that way: I have to be able to modify these files through a shell, not through a GUI.

good luck …

I suppose if I MUST use a gui, I could run a VNC server on the QNX box, but I’m not sure if there is a VNC available for it. Any idea?

You can do manually, but you should know what you are doing.

sourceforge.net/projects/openqnx has some binaries of VNC, rdesktop, but maybe not for 6.3.
Phindows, phditto are also good (I prefer Phindows, but you have to buy license from QSSL)…

There is nothing stopping you from configing your network any way you want. The whole network thing is pretty standard, so you can do most things you would on any unix box. Don’t confuse what is done on a desktop development machine with what you want to do on a potential target.