Problems with 6.3.0

Just an observation or two:

  1. My Yamaha Digital-XG doesn’t work with 6.3.0. It worked with 6.2.1 (though there were some problems with the drive). As far as I can tell, the driver isn’t even present on the system. Was this an intentional move? I knew that support for the SB Live! was going to disappear, but didn’t know about the Yamaha cards.

  2. Doing a ‘df’ hangs the system. Well, it doesn’t completely lockup, but it becomes unusable. It gets as far as the /dev/fd0 line, and then the df hangs. I can still move the mouse and click on various buttons, but nothing happens. Any ideas?


Addendum to #2: Launching the Installer causes the same thing.

Any ideas people?

So I guess no one can answer my two questions… I can only assume that the yamaha drive was forgotten from the ISO and that df and the installer are broken, causing the lockups I was experiencing.

The lockups may be DMA related. As QSS turned up the support for higher DMA modes, some chipsets advertises rates that weren’t truely supported (VIA is a good emaple of this). Try disabling DMA and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you can slowly turn up the DMA mode in the eide driver until you get the best speed without lockups.

Of course if the disble DMA doesn’t help, the problem is something else.


What’s the story with sblive support disappering in 6.30? Even the io-audio use message gives it as an example, but the device driver dll is not installed?

From what I understand, QSS got sick and tired of chasing an undocumented chipset which changed with every revision of the chipset.

Since they couldn’t keep the driver current, they dropped it rather than only supporting it 1/2 way.


What about the Yamaha soundcard support? Does anyone know why that was removed?


Does it use the sblive chipset? that might be why.

No, it uses the ymf chipset (or ds1 chipset) from Yamaha.

BTW, disabling DMA does not affect the hangs I experience when I try a “df”.

Any other ideas?

Sure the hang isn’t a probe of your /dev/fd0 device to see if you have media inserted?

If nothing else is affected except the df command, then it is just “waiting” until it knows whether there is media there or not. I had assumed you meant the whole system hung when this happened, but on re-reading your original post, I suspect there is nothing wrong.


Yeah, quite sure… I’ve gone in and disabled my floppy devices. When I boot into QNX that way, it still hangs, but after the second hard drive rather than after the floppy drive.

Errr… It may not be a complete hang, but the system is useless. I can move the mouse, and click on buttons, but nothing happens. If I launch two terminals, I can type ‘df’ in one, and after the hang, type ‘ps’ in the second. But the ps hangs. If I click on any of the utilities, the button on the screen depresses, but that’s it. And since this happens when launching the installer, too, it makes the system pretty useless.

ok… just making sure…

It certainly sounds like a file system related problem.

Let’s try getting some more info then - I have no idea what is wrong, but info is always good.

Can you attach the output of ‘pci -v’ to your reply?
Also the output of sloginfo after the hang - unless you never recover from the hang. If that is the case, try running ‘spin’ in a pterm when you do this - I am curious if you are causing the file system to crash?

Let’s hope this will stir up other ideas…


Setting BIOS to reporting NONE for the floppy drives is not going to disable the floppy hardware.

try “slay devb-fdc”

  1. slaying devb-fdc doesn’t help

  2. spin apparently isn’t in my path, and doing a ‘find’ for it results in the same hung system.

  3. ‘pci -v’ can be found at

So I never did find out what happened to the yamaha soundcard driver :slight_smile:



You definately have some resource manager misbehaving.

Start pidin -l in one pterm before running the df. When it locks up you will be able to see the pid it is blocked on.
This will point to the culprit.

I have the same sound driver problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Certainly someone here knows what happened to the yamaha sound driver?