what the HELL is this ??

Suddently I can’t login to NC 6.2.1 !!!
The passwords aren’t accepted anymore. They worked yesterday before I turned off the pc. What the hell is this !!!
This has never happened to me before on any other Operating system…
How can I reset the passwords !?!?!?
Someone help, it’s making me so angry that I just trashed a keyboard.

Maybe /etc/passwd got messed up somehow, you could try booting from the CD, see if you can mount your disk, and take a look at /etc/passwd or replace it with the one on the CD.

Yeah the filesystem passed out.
I’m going to try that and see if it works…but there is little hope left for this hard disk.

Remember that in 6.2.1, the passwd file will have spilled and will not be in /etc/passwd unless you are running fs-pkg. If you are just trying to edit the passwd file, it will be in /var/spilled/etc/passwd (or something like that - this is typed from memory).


Spilled eh? I’ll check it out.
Thanks rick