QNX 6.2 TCP/IP config error

After I installed the QNX 6.2, I found the TCP/IP is not configured. I set the IP, mask, and I can ping my self by pinging, or However, I cannot ping any other machine in the same subnet, like Neither can other machine ping this QNX machine.

The net cmd is set to:
set(IONET-CMD io-net -pttcpip)

I attempted to slay the io-net but don’t know how to reload the driver,
since I don’t know which driver corresponds to the NIC I use (D-link).
I’ll try with another NIC, maybe Realtek 8139, which is always
successful with my previous configuration. But the weird thing is that
this NIC is recognized by the QNX, and IO-NET is also started. Only the
TCP/IP with other machine is problematic. The phycial error can be
excluded, because under Windows, all the machines can communicate with
same hardware.

I answered in the newsgroup

Is the netmask on the other machines also?

Working under Windows doesn’t mean much. It could be the QNX network driver for your NIC doesn’t work well with your hardware. Does “nicinfo” show there are packets going in/out of the system?

BTW, there are known issues with some network drivers in QNX 6.2. Notably the Realtek 8139 one. I would suggest you upgrade to QNX 6.3, or at least 6.2.1.