Startup script?

I’ve just set up QNX6.2. I am able to connect to the internet by issuing an io-net command (io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x320,irq=5 -p tcpip) and then going to the Network panel, enabling the device and choosing DHCP. However, when I reboot these settings are not saved and I have to reissue them. What do I have to do to make the system automatically connect on startup?

(I’d like to have both the “XPhoton” and “httpd” commands automatically startup as well)

put the lines into /etc/rc.d/rc.local

io-net could be already started, you must need to mount the ne2000 share object.

Here’s my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file:


io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x320,irq=5 -p tcpip

This successfully connects me to the internet.

However, in the Network>Devices tab, “Connection” is still set to “Manual” and not DHCP. As a result, the name servers are not listed in the Network>Network tab. If I manually choose DHCP and apply, the name servers are fetched. Is there a switch I’m missing to trigger DHCP to be set?

Note: In the System Process Inspector (Utilities>System Information) I can see that io-net and dhcp.client are both running under “tinit”. There is also another io-net process running on it’s own.

Having two io-net is not a good idea in general.

Although the names servers aren’t showing in the network device tab, they are most problably ok.

Change your script so it slays io-net before you start a new copy,
Also instead of running dhcp.client, run netmanager. It will use the config file written by phlip so it will appear to “remember” you settings.


change your script to:


slay io-net
io-net -d ne2000 ioport=0x320,irq=5 -p tcpip
on -w /dev/socket/2