Anyone know how to contact the author of this program, I tried the email addresses on the web page for it, no reply. It looks pretty good, but still waiting for registration code.



Have you tried their Message board pixel32.box.sk/index.php?cat=Message%20board ?

It seems it is pretty quiet there. Maybe the author is not actively working on the product anymore.

this is a great progran i have the dos version and want to order the QNX version. i have also not been able to get ahold of the author for a long time…last i know he was moving into his new place and i havent heard from him since (this being 5 months ago)

I’ll let you know if I get any more info about this, I’ve mailed to all the email addresses I can find for the author. You’re right, Pixel32 is pretty nice, more QNX-y than The Gimp.