configuring ssh so it correctly config's DISPLAY

Naturally I still think in LINUX terms because that’s been my primary *NIX for the last four years. Typically when I ssh into a box, if the box’s /etc/openssh/ssh(d)_config’s are set up to do X11
forwarding, I can run

% xterm &

and have the xterm start up in my remote X session.
But every time I try doing this into my QNX box, it balks on starting the xterm session saying it can’t find localhost:10.

This may be related to my previous email in that it’s an sshd launch issue, but right now I’m out of ideas.

Is there something I’m missing here in getting the X11 forwarding to work other than setting it to “yes” in the ssh(d)_config files?

Many thanks!


It seems the openssh build may have issues with regard to the automatic X11 forwarding, but I was able to use the normal ssh port forward trick to get X11 DISPLAY to work. See the discussion at

Thanks for the info. I tried it, it works.