mozilla : problem hitting AltGr key

mozilla web browser :
Mozilla/5.0 (Photon; U; QNX x86pc; en-US; rv:1.3) Gecko/20030326
any time i hit the AltGr key in order to hit the q key as well (to get an @), the screen gives me one or multiple (depends on the time i keep my finger on AltGr) “twos” (2) before the @.
doesna`t hurt, but causes a lot of “mail delivery failed” returns after long and workful nights.
any ideas about that ?
regards HELGE

What is AltGr key? On my US keyboard, you can generate a @ sign by pressing Shift and 2.

By the way, you should try the newer versions of mozilla as found at If you are still on QNX 6.2.1, you should use mozilla 1.6 since the 1.7 requires QNX 6.3.

… slapping mz forehead … of course …
i selected us kezboard in the time&date menu, and everzthing works fine now, except for the fact that i have to use different kezboards at work and at home now.
the AltGr kez on mz german kezboard sits just right beneath the space bar and gives a third character for some kezs (like on the 7, there is / with shift and { with AltGr).
ouch … i tzped YANKEE and it gave me ZULU in the text above - i hope i ll get used to it !
thanks and regards HELGE