Urgent: QNX PC to PC

Okay, my best friend Kevin and I are crashing at my house tomorow. One of the reasons is to further work on that damn crash that keeps happening in AmandaOS. For this, we have two computers each running QNX RTOS 6.2.1, equipped with tons of networking tools, Samba and Apache. I want to just connect the two computers, so we can share files and whatnot. We each have a networking card, same type, blah blah blah. What I want to know, is what kind of cable EXACTLY I need for this (hopefully a link to the Radioshack page for it, as I’m going there in 40 minutes). I also wanted to know what else I need to do to prepare them for networking. No hubs between them or whatever. Just the computers connected together. Thanks. I really need this immediately.

radioshack.com/product.asp?c … d=278-2011

Awesome, now, what software do I use when copying files between the two?


Type “use mount”. That gives you the example for correctly starting up qnet. All qnet’ed machines can see each other through the path /net

Okay, I mounted qnet exactly as it had it in the example. I set the IPs for the machines to on one and on the other. I labeled the hosts differently, and still nothing. And yes, I connected the crossover cable. Anything I’m missing?

what does netinfo show on each machine - I have seen cases where it has trouble detecting the media rate, without a hub/switch to talk to.


Won’t the sub-net thingy get confused? I’m confused.

I suggest changing the second machine’s address to

Ah, I missed that… Yeah, unless you had a subnet of :slight_smile: Of course if you use the bind=ether option to qnet, you don’t care what the ip addresses are.


Well, I discovered what you need to do. First, the domain name must be changed so something common, then you need to add the respective computer the the /etc/hosts file. Then just mount them to qnet, and done. I’m writing a how to on it since the process is lengthy.