do any video drivers have 3d acceleration?

i was just wondering if 3d accelleration/opengl or anything of that sort is supported by qnx? given its excellent embedabllity, it might be fun to try and put together a game console based on it…

I believe there is only one card with 3D acceleration, which is the Fujitsu Coral, it’s an embedded chipset, and not at all common on PCs.

Certainly there is software opengl, so you could write the code and as more 3d drivers get written (we can hope), the software will already be written. ;-)


I wouldn`t want to be the one testing a game on a 100% software opengl implementation, ouch.

Full screen, low res would give you a high enough frame rate to test with - nothing fancy, but it would get you started. Of course with no 3d drivers, no one would ever play the game, but… :frowning:

I doubt it Rick. Old generation game maybe but not the recent crop, too many polygons, too many lights, unless the game support a software open Gl path, which I doubt. I mean some game have trouble doing 30fps on my machine and it a powerfull machine.

Today’s game don’t even play nice on yesterday hardware so I doubt you would get >1fps with software opengl,