How to Read file from QNX 3.15 to 4.25


I m facing one problem.I have one binary file in QNX 3.15.Now
i want to read this file in QNX 4.25 .How can it possible.Pls help
me soon.This file is created automatically as report file in binary form.

Pls help me .


You can find a utility to read QNX2 file systems here:

It has been a long time since I have looked at/used this stuff, so I don’t know if it will help, but in it’s day, you could use it to move files from QNX2 to QNX4.


Are you asking how to transfer that file from QNX 3.15 machine to the QNX 4.25 machine? or do you already have the file on QNX 4.25 and just want to know how to read it?

if former, use the DOS floppy and check out mtools as discussed here

if later, you will need to know the binary file format.


Actually when i copy the file from qnx 3.15 & when i want to read on qnx 4.25 from floppy drive then it is unable to read.
What i would have to do for reading?