QNX4.25, VMWare 4.0 & QNX4 floppy access

Has anyone managed to access QNX4 formatted floppies under VMWare?
I get a “in use” message everytime (which is wrong) when the QNX4 VM is started with the QNX4 floppy in the drive. If I put in a DOS floppy to “fool” it, it will start with the floppy connected. Fatfsys will allow me to use a DOS formatted floppy. But if I try to substitute a QNX4 floppy, all I get is
“ls: corrupted file system detected” (after a "mount /dev/fd0 /fd0)

Also trying to boot from a QNX4 floppy under VMWare is not successful.

Seems to me floppies have to be readable and Windows, otherwise the floppy is not mounted?

All I’m trying to do is to transfer some old style licenses to the VM.

not sure about the floppy problem, but you can solve your license issue by following the discussion in this thread: openqnx.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t63-.html

I managed to transfer the licenses by making an image of the
boot floppy and then using the boot image under VM Ware.
Nice to know there is another way to do without havint
to resort to a physical disk at all.

It would be interesting to know if there is a problem
accessing non-native disks under VM Ware (e.g. QNX4
formatted floppy)