Looking for QNX4 setup

Hey there I am new to Open QNX (been here for about 3 minutes now :blush: ) so please don’t get too annoyed if I have gone about this wrong. Does anyone have the QNX4 setup exe? or an earlier version? If so PLEASE I would really appreciate it if you could hook me up. :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

QNX4 is a comerciall product and requires $$ :slight_smile:
you can download it from quics via the following link if you already have
the legal license:
upd.qnx.com:8000/cgi-ubin/up_gen … es_aliased

You can download the free non-commercial version of QNX6 from get.qnx.com

QNX 4 does not use a setup.exe. It will not load on a DOS partition the way QNX 6 does. Instead, you must boot a QNX 4 floppy or CD-ROM and then load.