How can I increase my modem volume?

I’m using a Best Date external modem with QNX 4.25. Is there any way
to increase my modem volume?

ATL1 or ATL2 or ATL3 if memory serves me right

Pardon my ignorance, mario, but how do I implement those? Do I enter them directly into the dialing string? If so, how would I do it with:

ATDT, 18005551212


sorry : atl3dt,…
regards helge

It must be set on 3 by default, because when I use atl3dt, it doesn’t seem any louder. I’m assuming you can’t go higher than 3?

Actually, it is louder for one of my modems. The one I could barely hear in the first place may be a bit louder, but not much. Thanks guys!

as far as i know, range is from atl0 to atl3.
if you add m1 (atl3m1dt,…), you will hear the loudspeaker until you are connected;
m0 is generally OFF, m2 is generally ON.