Another USB mouse question (QNX 6.2.1)!!!

First of all, let me start by stating that I am a complete QNX newbie. So, whatever suggests that are given need to be very descriptive. Secondly, I have read all the different forms about usb mouse not working with QNX. I have tried various suggestions, such as “kbd fd -d/dev/kbd ps2 mousedev msoft fd -d/dev/usbmouse0”. Almost every forum I have read has “/dev/usbmouse0” somewhere in the script. The problem is that my machine does not have “/dev/usbmouse0”. I don’t see “usb” anywhere in the /dev directory. This may be due to the fact that my system halts at the log in prompt, if the usb mouse is install. So, to log-in, I have been unpluggin the mouse, and then re-plugging the mouse once the OS is started. So, basically, my questions are:

  1. How can log-in to QNX with the USB mouse installed?

  2. How can I create “/dev/usbmouse”?

Hopefully, my questions make sense to everyone, because I really need help on this situation.

  1. /dev/* entried are created as and when the drivers are run. You need to use usb-uhci/usb-ohci to first start the USB driver (one of those two will work, exactly which depends on your comp. usb-ohci is more common though.). After that running devu-mouse will give you /dev/usbmouse. You can edit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and put both of these commands there.

After that you can use option “kbd fd -d/dev/kbd msoft fd -d/dev/usbmouse0” in script to start your USB mouse. No need to put the “ps2 mousedev” portion as it applies only to ps2 mouse.

Its strange that your comp locks up when booting with USB mouse attached. It shouldn’t happen unless you’ve screwed up big (and I mean REALLY big) time! It might not even be locking up, and the cause might be that there is some error in starting command (that “kbd …”). The argument is actually parameter to devi-hirun (or the newer unified input architecture) and it will not start if presented with wrong arguments… thus you just might be having a case where input driver is not starting up causing no method of user input. You can verify it by connecting to your machine over network and seeing if it works. You can then look at “ps” output and determine is input driver is running.

Well, just to give a complete description of the system halting, at the log-in prompt I get a pop-up box stating, “Searching for input devices”. This box never goes away. My system will never move past this screen when the USB mouse is installed at boot.

Just a WAG, but try disabling legacy usb devices in your bios (if you have that kind of option). The normal input device probe doesn’t know about usb, so it “shouldn’t” be afffected unless your bios is trying to map the usb mouse to a ps2 device (and failing under QNX).