How to access physical memory locations in C++

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Can anyone provide sample C++ code to access an absolute memory address?

This won’t work because it yields the data at location 0x100 in the virtual
address space of the process, correct?

unsigned char *ptr = 0x100; // address 0x100
unsigned char chr;
chr = *ptr;


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Look at the docs on examples for using mmap(). This will translate a physical address to a virtual one.


Here is some code in C that I used to map dual-ported ram into memory.
The length of the mapped memory is DPRAM_MAPLEN and the physical address is DPRAM_PHYS.
If sucessful it sets a global ptr ‘dpram’ to the base of the mapped area.
Then I use this pointer for i/o. (I range-check the pointer when accessing the data as well)


  • Init the memory mapped between the PC104 space and DPRAM

int init_dpram_io( void )

void *ptr;

ptr =	mmap_device_memory( 0, DPRAM_MAPLEN, (PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE | PROT_NOCACHE), 0, DPRAM_PHYS );
if( ptr == MAP_FAILED )
	printf( "Failed\n" );
	return 1;
	dpram = (unsigned char *)(ptr);

return 0;


Hope this helps.