why only 30 days?

I wanted to download the new version of QNX (6.3) but… is written that it’s only for a 30-day evaluation! :cry: :cry: Why it isn’t like the earlier versions? (non-commercial unlimited)


Well, the commercial license is 30 days. After that, it reverts to NC. The qnx specific parts of the com pilier stops working but stuff like gcc is unaffected. Mine has expire and except for me switching to gcc for builds, I haven’t noticed a change.

:open_mouth: :astonished: whoa!!

i thought that the entire system would stop! :slight_smile:

Downloading QNX 6.3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

after a difficult download (the server doesn’t support pause/resume :frowning: ) …

WOW!! what is this??? QNX XP? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: HyperCool login… font antialiasing… Opengl, YEAH, OPENGL!!! accelerated graphics! my GeForce 4 now works perfectly @ 1024*768 75 Hz! The new user management is perfect! (and the new wallpaper is more than cool! :smiley: )

wonderful! 10 +

“GeForce 4 now works perfectly @ 1024*768 75 Hz!”

Hmmmm how did you manage that? Are you using tnt drivers?

no, i just selected “vesa”, set 1024*768 and 75 :open_mouth:


ahum ahum, after more experience:
even if now I don’t have to wear sunglasses in front of a 60 Hz monitor :wink: , there are still some problems. For example:
- when you move a window… :unamused: ugh I can’t explain how much the pc slows down :slight_smile:
- I saw the OpenGl demos, they worked perfectly! (= fast!) so I immediately installed Quake III… :cry: :cry: AAAAAAAAARRGH S.L.O.W!

but… I don’t really care… now I WANT to start programming under QNX, so I don’t need the accelerated graphics :slight_smile:

ps: my video card is a GeForce 4 MX 440 64 mb.


Okay, that makes more sense. VESA stinks but nvidia is unsupported. You don’t even have 2D accelleration with VESA, thats why its slooooooow in the graphics department. My advice: get an ati card; their well supported or a cheap Voodoo3, 4 or 5 off ebay. You’ll appreciate the speed up.

Only one chip support OpenGL by hardware and it`s not something common (for embedded stuff).

As for the game, only 3dfx card provide hardware support.

“After 30 days it turns back into NC”

However, I have yet to figure out how to re-install 6.30 after my eval license expired. Any ideas? Again, I’m not interested in the Ecplise PE IDE eval stuff, just want the NC features of 6.2.

Untried, but set your bios date back, install, set it forward.