QNX 6.3 network install?

Hi All!
I am looking around for a solution to install QNX 6.3 on my notebook. The problem is that my notebook has no CD-ROM… :cry: and I can’t take its harddisk out to install on another PC…So only network or floppy install would be possible…

I tried on booting my notebook with floppy, but it could never mount root file system…
I also tried bootp but only 512K is allowed for the boot image…so no success again…

I guess all I need to do is to boot up my notebook, delete the existing NTFS partition, mount a network drive to install QNX.

can anyone point me my way to install QNX on my antique notebook?
I walked around the forum and learnt of PXEGrub. would PXEGrub be of some help?

Thank you!

How much ram does the machine has (may not be worth installing) What network card does it has?

From what I know it would be possible to install over a network (after booting from floppy) but you need Momentic (Windows version will do ) to create the floppy in the first place, not a simple task.

You could create a FAT partition and install it in there I beleive, there is a procedure on this site, search for it.