how can i create a qnx bootable floppy under win ?

i made a bootable floppy disk under qnx 4.25 with a small application program.
i can easily multiply it under qnx.
now i want to make it downloadable under win (and qnx maybe), i.e. someone clicks a button on my rabbitastical website and the bootable floppy disk is made on his local computer.
any way how to do that ? - i am not familiar with win application programming, just html with javascript.

That being said Windows user will not have any other chose but to download a program to write the image.

hi mario,

thanx a lot - worked fine - what more could i say … i always appreciate your hints.

just I was not too happy with the ‘diskimg’ solution. size of program, credits to mention, handling, limitation to NT compliance etc.etc. so after I made my distribution downloadable to my colleagues with ‘diskimg’, I spent a bottle of decent burgundy plus hours to find out a workaround. from the number of ‘views’ I would tell it is not a widespread problem, but just in case someone else needs it :

  • I own an old downloaded file of ‘’, from the fantastical QNX V6.x 1,4 MB floppy including everything you need, browser, towers of hanoi?, …, don’t know if this is available still
  • once extracted (under WIN), there is install.bat, makedisk.exe, …
  • I copied my ‘cp /dev/fd0 /…somewhere…/filename’ to the WIN pc and modified the a.m. ‘install.bat’ accordingly, so that the source was not ‘qnxdemo.dat’ but ‘filename’
  • I ran modified ‘install.bat’ and it made a nice bootable floppydisk for me and companions !

take Courage ! regards helge