I've been expired!

Hmm… Maybe its just me, but this should be classified as a QNX bug.

I went to install 6.3 on my Kayak XU. This is about a month after I initially registered and got the key for installation. I used the same key, and nothing. No work. It just rejects it.

So… I’m not too impressed. There is no option to bypass it, so what am I supposed to do? Re-Register with QNX every single time I want to reinstall QNX for NC uses just so I can get past the stupid Installer prompt?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Why wouldn’t they just put a simple prompt for “No I do not want to register and or use the Commercail features” so you can install without a key?

I wouldn’t be complaining if the QNX registration wasn’t as long and painful as it is.

Yep! Sucks, doesn’t it !

Even better…

I’m not getting any Email with a new key, after re-registering (yell at me about legal things if you want, its QNX’s fault). I think I might just reregister for the 4th time to get their attention.

I can’t believe they have done this. I was honestly looking forward to using QNX as one of my Daily comps on a dedicated Dual P3/1ghz. Looks like QNX just doesn’t care anymore.

That’s why I’m not even bothering with 6.3 anymore. I’m just using 6.2.1.

All you need to do is reset your bios date to install it. (I presume), then set it forward after the install and the eval features will be disabled.

I agree it is a pain, but if changing the date works, it is a pretty simple workaround.