Is there an end-user book for QNX 6?


Can anyone suggest a book for end-users and end-user system administration? Is there a QNX specific book or perhaps a Linux ot UNIX book that is very close?


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yes there is. Consult the qnx web site

I did look there and I only found developer books. I ordered a Parse book from Parse but that is not directed at end users. I have people who only know Windows , no Linux or Unix, and they need to come up to speed on creating directories, logging in, adding users, etc. I know it sounds trivial but with a book in their hand they feel more comfortable.

The new QNX Neutrino RTOS User’s Guide is included in the Momentics 6.3.x bookset. Seems not to be publicly available yet though…

Yep, download 6.3.0

Available in prints as well, contact sales.

Is this the help viewer?

6.3.0 is the latest version of QNX Momentics (the development suite that includes Neutrino). The HTML docs include the Neutrino User’s Guide, which (as Mario said) is now also available in print. I’m told that we’re going to post the 6.3.0 HTML docs on the website. If you have 6.3.0 and register it in your myQNX account, you can download PDF versions of the docs.

I hope you find the User’s Guide handy – I learned a lot while working on it.

Yep, helpviewer is the default browser for the docs which, as stever said, are in html format. The new User Guide is just one of many books in the whole bookset.

Thanks heaps. It’s a masterpiece! :slight_smile:

For all, since QNX hasn’t put the guide on their website, we decide to put it on our server so people can use it while waiting: … =userguide

so i’ll join the party :
great work ! thanks form my side, too