laptop and internet

ok i have a chembook laptop (crap) and the interent dowsn’y work. i am behind a router and i have en eathernet cable pluged into it but have no idea how to configure it. can somone give me a steop by step guid on how the heck to make this work?


Is there a Devices tab in the prefs with an en0 entry in it?

It’s possible the chip is not reconised. When it’s not known then the Network prefs loses it’s Devices tab, the first of three. The other two tabs are named Connections and Network.

I think the system can not recognized your computer’s network card. I have the same problem .
But I don’t know how to drive the card.

As evanh mentioned, if the chip is not recognized, you won’t see it in the Devices tab.

Post your “pci -v”, we may be able to see if you can start the driver manually …

I have the same problem: my loptop’s network card can not be recognized.
but what is “pci -v”? I am a new user of QNX. Thanks for your help.

Click “Terminal” to bring up a pterm terminal and type

pci -v

in the Terminal window command line, and post back the output.