gcc installation problem in 6.2.1


I’m a newbie to QNX and I’m having a problem finding my gcc compiler after my first install. My installed went relatively smoothly (although I am dual booting with Red Hat and Win2k using Paragon Boot Manager). I was under the impression that it should be a Core component and installed by default, but when I try to use gcc or g++ the shell tells me it can’t find either application. I thought it might be a path problem or something, but I’ve searched for the binary files, and they don’t seem to be installed. QCC is also not installed. I’ve selected just about every GNU related application from the qnx.com repository with the hopes that it will install as a dependency, but no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Joe Easley

If neither qcc or gcc are installed then the installation is not complete. After installation from the CD I believe you should leave the CD in the drive and let it continue and then all the development tools go on. It’s been a while since I installed 6.2.1 so I could be wrong on this. Alternatively you could download 6.3 and install that right over the top of your 6.2.1 partition, you’d have the various benefits of 6.3 then too.