Quick Question

I am hoping one of you QNX gurus can help me with a relatively easy problem. I need to find out how RAM and disk space are available on a PC that is running QNX. I am a complete idiot in QNX and have no idea what commands are used to do this. In fact my only knowledge of such operations are limited to using the “My Computer” incon in WIN 9x and fumbling around!

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Enter the following commands in a shell:

pidin info

df -Pk

Holly, on the terminal you can type ‘df’ for disk usage information, and for the RAM you can get a program called ‘Spin’ from the WWW repository available in the Installer.

Atjulius also has a shelf plugin called “diskfree” which displays a pie like diagram of disk usage similar to windows “my computer” on the shelf/taskbar.

Get it at sourceforge.net/projects/qnxplugins/

Cheers :smiley: