usb mass storage ?

where can i find usb mass storage driver for qnx ,since the QNX6.3 have released ? thx !

The driver is supplied with 6.3, putting this in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local script will start it:

io-usb -d uhci
waitfor /dev/usb
devb-umass cam pnp

I have only 6.21pe , what can i do ? can you help me ? thx!

I guess it could be possible to run mass storage stuff on 6.2.1, it would mean copying the USB, mass storage stuff over 6.2.1 and all related library (this could go ugly) . In any case you must get your hand on 6.3.

Of course best would be to upgrade to 6.3 but I understand it not always possible.

mario,thank you very much ! i will try later.

I’m wondering if anyboady has had any luck getting USB flash memory devices to work under QNX 6.3.

I’ve run the usb mass storage initialization. I’ve been able to detect (and mount) external USB hard drives, but not flash drives. usb -vv detects the flash device, but I don’t see it in /dev.

Any ideas?

I have managed to get a usb flash memory stick to work under 6.3

Start the usb driver with “io-usb -duhci” or ohci instead of uhci if required

then the mass storage driver with devb-umass cmp pnp
I then see a /dev/hd1 an /dev/hd1t6 drives but this depends on your installation
then I use “mount -t dos /dev/hd1t6 /flashdrive”