intel extreme graphics (845GV) driver


i’m looking for video driver of Intel 845GV chipset…
is it exists for QNX 6.2.1?

or maybe someone heard about Intel’s Extreme Graphics Architecture adapters support in QNX?


The way to find out is to boot the CD in a PC that has said graphics inside it.

the output of pci command related to video adapter contains the following…

Class          = Display (VGA)
Vendor ID      = 8086h, Intel Corporation
Device ID      = 2562h, Unknown Unknown
PCI index      = 0h
Class Codes    = 03000h
Revision ID    = 3h

it is an intel 845G/GL video adapter

That we already know, the question is will QNX support it ;-) In vga, unaccelerated mode, most probably, in accelerated mode I do not know, try it ;-)